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'Naka inspector asked me to raid' 'Naka inspector asked me to raid'

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LUCKNOW: In the case of a sub-inspector from Naka police station being sent to lines for trying to implicate an AC repair shop owner falsely, the punished cop Indrapal Singh claimed that in charge of Naka police station directed him to raid Tariq's shop.

A bag containing countrymade firearms, bullets and smack was recovered from Tariq's shop in Motinagar area on January 3 morning. Tariq was involved in a property dispute with a strongman based in Naka who had been booked several times but had used his clout to take over disputed properties in Naka.

On Sunday, Singh was held guilty of planting the recovered items in the shop. Singh maintained that inspector Vijay Prakash Singh asked him to check Tariq's shop. Vijay denied the charge.

Senior officials are now examining several who would have benefited by framing Tariq; how many policemen were close to the Naka strongman whether an officer without tacit support of seniors would frame an innocent person.

On January 2, over 40 cops from Naka police station had attended a New Year party in Naka. Indrapal said Vijay forced him to change the documented sequence of events thrice. Out of the six constables who were present during the raid two backed out from mentioning their names in the documented version.

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