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A water tank that stores diesel too! A water tank that stores diesel too!

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AHMEDABAD: It was a simple water tank made out of concrete at a roadside eatery that caught cops' attention. State monitoring cell (SMC) team was at a dhaba on National Highway No 8 near Wankaner.

Police had got information about illegal diesel trade. After not finding the stock anywhere, cops trained their eyes on the tank and to their surprise found two 'valves' atop the tank.

"The tap that dispensed water started coughing out diesel when one of the two valves was opened. The tank was designed ingeniously with two compartments containing water and diesel. A rod-like screwdriver was used to open or close the valves from atop the tank," said SMC inspector J K Pandya.

"We are yet to ascertain who made the tank that can contain over 250 liters of petroleum. It is perhaps the first instance where we've found such a system," added Pandya.

A team led by Pandya and sub-inspector D B Barad had raided UP Bihar Dhaba outside Wankaner on Ahmedabad-Rajkot highway on Wednesday afternoon. Police caught Ravindra Chaupal, 23, a native of Bihar working at the eatery along with Harikshan Thakar, 38, and Bharat Bhatt, 31, natives of Jamnagar. The last two were riding a tanker filled with stolen fuel. In total, police found 20,000 liters of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) worth Rs 10 lakh along with diesel stored in the tank.

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