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Boyfriend prime suspect in Naranpura murder Boyfriend prime suspect in Naranpura murder

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AHMEDABAD: The needle of suspicion in the Naranpura murder case now points to Birbal Prasad, the 26-year-old boyfriend of Vandana Prasad, 22, who was stabbed to death on January 14. Police say the man first killed the woman and then inflicted a knife wound on himself with the intention to commit suicide. However, he survived and is recovering in Civil Hospital.

Birbal first reported the killing to the police and claimed Vandana was killed by four drunk men after she spurned their sexual overtures.

Police on Friday said that they have collected strong corroborative evidence, including a note that implies Birbal's involvement in the brutal crime. The investigation of the gruesome murder is being closely-monitored by the chief minister's office.

Birbal and Vandana were found in the bushes near Kapil Park Society adjoining the railway tracks in Naranpura. Birbal had dialled 100 to report Vandana's murder. In his statement, Birbal had claimed that four people had attacked them and had sought sexual favours from the woman. The duo had retaliated after which one of the men had stabbed the duo, Birbal had said. Police say Vandana succumbed to her wounds on the spot.

Manoj Agarwal, joint commissioner of police, Sector-I, said the investigation so far indicates that Birbal had most probably committed the crime himself.

"We have found at least four points that contradict his initial statement. In his phone call to the city police control room, Birbal had said that there were two dead bodies. Perhaps he wanted to commit suicide after killing the girl, and had therefore stabbed himself but did not die. We have also recovered a note from Birbal's belongings at the hotel. He has hinted in the note about the crime he was about to commit," Agarwal said.

The note reads: "I am going to do something very shameful and heinous..."

Police have suspected Birbal from the very beginning, particularly because the spot where the crime took place is desolate and foul-smelling. It is an unlikely place where a couple in love would go for a private conversation. Himanshu Shukla, deputy commissioner of police (crime), said stab wounds found on Vandana and Birbal had also raised suspicion. "While stab marks where the knife had pierced the body are apparent on Vandana's clothes, Birbal has a stab wound but no corresponding mark on his clothes. It seems his clothes were first lifted to bare the skin where his body was stabbed," he said.

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