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Bruised for life Bruised for life

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HYDERABAD: Shaken after the brutal torture by cops five days ago, the Ireland based city youths -Mallapuram Vasu, 37, and M Nitin, 33 - have vowed not to return to Hyderabad once they get their permanent residency cards converted into Irish citizenships.While the idea of giving up Indian citizenship for an Irish one was hazy and sketchy for the two, they made up their mind after their ordeal on June 25 at Musheerabad police station, the duo told TOI.

Under Irish immigration rules, one is eligible for citizenship after five years of built up stay on a permanent residency card in the country. And both Vasu and Nitin would be completing their five year term in 2016 and 2019 respectively. "Now, I am scared to visit Hyderabad again as in my decade long stay in Ireland, I have never come across such gross human rights violation there. May be next time when I visit Hyderabad, I wish to visit as an Irish citizen," said Vasu, a resident of Mahendra Hills, adding that he is flying to Ireland within two months.

A deeply hurt, M Nitin, a hardware engineer in Dublin, too seconded his friend's feelings, vowing never to return to the city after his two month long vacation ends by July 14, when he is scheduled to fly to Ireland. The last time he visited Hyderabad was way back in 2006.

"For me, it's Namaste (read as goodbye) Hyderabad. I came to the city to attend my sister's marriage on May 21, after a long gap of eight years.I never imagined that I would be treated like a terrorist by city police in such a way," Nitin told TOI outside the central crime station, where he appeared with his friends before deputy commissioner of police (DCP) central zone to record their statements.

While he tried to laugh away his pain, he could not hide the bruise marks and swellings along left side of his face and left arm.

In fact, Nitin, his elder brother M Nirish, 34 (both residents at Laxmi Anusha apartments at Musheerabad) and friend B Preetam, 37 (resident of Mahendra Hills), were referred by the police to a corporate hospital to undergo the mandatory medical tests on Tuesday, five days after they were thrashed inside the Musherabad po side the Musherabad po lice station.

Interestingly, both local residents Nirish and Preetam had their own woes to narrate.

Now, running a start-up company in the city, Preetam (re turned from Ireland in 2006 after a long stay of eight years) is still in a confused state af ter the police slapped a case against him un der Section 353 of the IPC (use force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty), remanding him two-day judicial custody.

"While my friends were arguing over their rights with the cops, I did not utter a single word but strangely made up a case against me," said Preetham, while showing disgust towards Hyderabad nightlife.

Nirish, on the other hand, feels lost as he is yet to come to terms with the fact that his younger brother Nitin, who was visiting family after eight years, was thrashed by the cops but he could do nothing. "I was seeing my brother beaten and the sight left deep wounds in my soul," he said.

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