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CCTNS to go online from today at 13 police stations CCTNS to go online from today at 13 police stations

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AURANGABAD: As many as 13 of the total 15 police stations within the limits of the Aurangabad police commissionorate will be connected with each other with the crime and criminal tracking network system (CCTNS) set to go online from July 1.

The ambitious CCTNS project in the city overshot its deadline by almost 18 months with the officials blaming technical glitches for the delay. The project was supposed to be launched in January 2014.

At present, the system is being run offline. The officials concerned have already received basic training on handling the system. Besides, 3,700-odd staff members of the police commissionorate have also received role-based training.

City police commissioner Amitesh Kumar said, "We are working according to the instructions received from the special team formed at the state level for supervising and monitoring the CCTNS project. Starting Wednesday, altogether 13 police stations in the city, barring the ones in Harsul and Daultabad, would go online."

Officials privy to the training said the project was approved by the Planning Commission in 2009. One of the important phases of the project included imparting training on handling and operating the system.

Accordingly, all the officials and staff members concerned received the requisite training.

Thereafter, the police implemented the system across the city on experimental basis and ran it offline. As part of the final phase of the project, it will be connected with all such systems across the country.

A senior police official said on the condition of anonymity, "Initially, the biggest hurdle for implementing the project was loadshedding. Later, it was hit by poor attendance of policemen at the training sessions as they were occupied with bandobast, investigations and attending courts among other duties."

Hence, the monitoring authorities too went slow on the project causing delay of 18 months, the official added.

Kumar has been supervising the project since assuming charge a couple of months ago. He said, "We have almost completed the initial and the most important phase of imparting training on handling and operating CCTNS to most of our men. This phase comprised uploading the data collected and updating it on CIPA for further uploading it on the CCTNS network."

He said from Wednesday, CCTNS across the city will be brought to daily use. But its actual benefit could be availed only after the entire CCTNS infrastructure across the country is put in place at the earliest.

"It will help create a proper databank of crimes and criminals as well as essential details of the accused, including their modus operandi. The database will be accessed by criminal justice systems such as courts, jails and immigration and passport authorities. It will make our forces and agencies tackle crimes and criminals more professionally," Kumar added.

Under the prestigious project, the police stations have been provided four sets of computers, along with two printers. Similarly, the police commissionorate has been given 25 sets of computers for monitoring the activities of all the police stations.

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