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CCTVs outdated, Bombay HC tells railways CCTVs outdated, Bombay HC tells railways

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MUMBAI: The Bombay HC on Wednesday directed the railways to reply whether experts are advising it on technology upgrade to prevent crimes on trains and railway stations.

The direction from a bench of Justice Naresh Patil and Justice S B Shukre was passed on a clutch of PIL for women's safety. The judges, perusing affidavits filed by Central and Western railways, were amused to read that modern gadgets like closed circuit televisions are installed for surveillance. "CCTVs are outdated. It will help you if it prevents a crime. It provides footage, but face detection is not possible. After an offence is committed, we reach the site to find out. How many times have you reached the chain snatcher?" asked Justice Patil. The judges said those monitoring CCTVs must be trained to spot trouble brewing so that "you can reach the spot within minutes".

"Today, there is technology where you can see through the wall. Think of the next step for faster communication," said Justice Patil, batting for use of technology. CR's advocate told the court that a Nirbhaya team has been set up with one woman police officer and 15 constables. But the bench found this number inadequate. The bench also complained about lack of announcement systems on long distance trains.

"People are awake for 3-4 hours at night waiting for the station to come. Tell your ministry to work on basic courtesies," said Justice Patil, adding that if the announcements disturbed other passengers, it could have satellite-controlled electronic display.

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