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Don’t let kids play with mobile phones, warns senior Oncologist Don’t let kids play with mobile phones, warns senior Oncologist

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Renowned oncologist Dr. MV Pillai has asked parents not let their kids use or play with mobile phones. "Though mobile phone radiation is considered non-ionising, the soft skull of kids may not be able to resist them", he said while delivering a talk on `Mobile Technologies and Health' at a seminar organised by the Indian Medical Association and Trivandrum health club on Thursday.

Sounding a caution about the excessive use of mobile phones, Pillai said using a headphone was the most advisable way to minimise the ill effects. He said a comprehensive study by the World Health Organisation on the properties of mobile phone radiation is expected to be published next year.

MV Pillai, a professor at the Thomas Jefferson University in the US, said so far there is no concrete evidence to suggest that mobile phone use will lead to cancer. "But, there are no roses without thorns. So, better be cautious", he told a forum of doctors and journalists.

Department of Telecom's TERM Cell Director T Sreenivasan said there are 15,000 mobile phone towers and 36000 base transmit stations in the state. "Staying within 10 metre radius of a mobile phone tower makes you 10000 times riskier to radiation than staying 1 km away from a tower", he said. But, the standards set by the Indian government is so stringent that emission levels are lower than many other countries and each tower is monitored periodically, he said.

IMA state president Sreejith N Kuamr and state radiation safety director Dr KA Davis also spoke.
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