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Double murder: Hotel took fake ID Double murder: Hotel took fake ID

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KOLKATA: Officials of the Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road hotel, where a woman and her child were poisoned and electrocuted, reportedly did not verify the voter ID card that the accused showed during check-in. The card belonged to Sambhu Kumar Gupta who was no way involved in the crime, said the police, who, on examining the CCTV footage of the New Market hotel where the accused took the victims initially, found he was a different person.

"The hotel never matched the photo on the voter-ID card with the person standing in front of them. They were happy receiving Rs 2,000 in cash," said a top Lalbazar officer, hinting they are mulling over legal action against the receptionist. The police have confirmed that Gupta had reported "losing" his voter-ID card a while ago. The police are not ruling out the possibility of the accused tampering with his original ID card to hide his identity.

The officers are now banking on two persons who last saw the accused with the victims. "One of them is a taxi driver who brought the accused and the two victims to the New Market hotel. Another one is a tout who guided the three to the Rafi Ahmed Kidwai hotel. We have identified both," said an officer.

The cops said the initial report failed to say if the two died of poisoning or electrocution. "Doctors have asked for forensic chemical test and viscera report for the exact cause," said DC Murlidhar Sharma.

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