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Dushyant tries to reach out to rural voters in Baran Dushyant tries to reach out to rural voters in Baran

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BARAN: Popularly known as Raja Sahab, Dushyant Singh, BJP candidate from Jhalawar-Baran is trying to reach out to rural voters in Baran who otherwise are traditional supporters of Congress. Taking poll battle forward right into Congress candidate Pramod Jain Bhaya's bastion, he campaigned in the interiors such as Kotadi Sunda, Koyala and Mangrol on Monday. He also promised to bring development in the region.

Addressing a gathering of about hundred people in a farm where women were cleaning freshly plucked garlic pods, Dushyant launched a scathing attack on his opponent Pramod Jain Bhaya. Promising a better life ahead he urged farmers to vote for Narendra Modi.

"Remember the past record of Jain who represented you in the assembly then. As an MLA he failed in bringing development and as a minister he was sacked from his government. He lost last assembly polls and you should ensure that he loses Lok Sabha elections too," said Dushyant.

Meanwhile, he thanked voters for electing Parbulal Saini from Anta constituency and urged them to take this link forward by electing him again. "Saini has become a minister in the government and I along with him work for the people of Baran," he added.

Electors of Kotadi Sunda where he was addressing the gathering however complained of his apathy towards the area. They unanimously said that neither Saini nor Dushyant had ever visited after winning. "We were in trouble when our crops were destroyed because of hailstorm. No compensation was given," said a voter.

Another elector, Jai Singh said that mining has been the biggest problem here and their representative remains insensitive to this. "Parvati River which is our lifeline has been destroyed because of bajari and stone mining. Nothing has been done for that. What shall we do?" Jai Singh complained.

The belt which is primarily based on agriculture is witnessing high unemployment rate, the people complained. "We are depending on the nature. Last year it was good rainfall but then there were abrupt rains too. If agriculture fails, we are left with nothing," added Jai Singh.

Dushyant Singh in defence said they had worked hard for the constituency but were not getting adequate support from the last state government. "Former CM Ashok Gehlot told me personally that Spice Park will come at Hadauti. But we all were cheated and he took it somewhere else. It would have given so many jobs to people here. The list is endless," said Dushyant.

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