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Every house to be inspected once a week to curb spread of dengue Every house to be inspected once a week to curb spread of dengue

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COIMBATORE: The department of municipal administration has instructed sanitary workers to ensure every one of the three lakh houses within corporation limits is inspected at least once a week for mosquito breeding sources and water contamination.

The commissioner of municipal administration, G Prakash, met with officials of the health department on Monday morning to review the dengue control measures being undertaken in the district. Coimbatore has recorded 80 dengue cases this season, according to the public health department's records. Thirty-eight of the 80 cases were recorded in January and 16 in February.

Prakash said the municipal administration department planned to engage 1,200 workers to inspect 3 lakh houses. "We intend to allot 300 houses to each worker and they should inspect 50 houses a day. Thus, they could follow up with the first 50 houses on the seventh day," said Prakash. "This way, every house gets checked once a week for the next three months," he said.

Health department officials said this way, households can effectively prevent any form of mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, Japanese Encephilitis and water borne diseases like diarrhea and cholera.

The district administration is also conducting an awareness drive on source reduction of mosquitoes and solid waste management. "We plan to cover 80 village panchayats on Monday, 75 on Tuesday and 73 on Wednesday. We would go back to the same village on the fourth, fifth and sixth day," said deputy director of health Dr A Somasundaram.

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