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First Advantage India on aggressive growth and ramp First Advantage India on aggressive growth and ramp

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PUNE: First Advantage, the global provider of background screening analytics and identity solutions and part of the Symphony Technology Group (STG), has chalked out an aggressive growth plan for India. Background verification has gained notable importance in India due to the rise in crime and frauds at work.

To avoid unwarranted situations, most employers in India have made background screening an integral part of their hiring process. Due to the increase in demand for background screening, the company plans to hire over 600 people in the next few months. The objective of this aggressive hiring is to ensure quality and timely reporting.

As India strives to carve a niche for itself in the global market through programs like 'Make in India' and 'Swachh Bharat', hiring the right talent becomes quintessential. Background screening is an important process that enables the employers to weed out candidates with fake credentials and hire people with apt qualification and experience.

The Q1 2015 Background Screening Trends report of First Advantage highlighted 11.4 percent screening discrepancies among candidates in India. The discrepancies related to employment, address and education were the highest in Q1 2015. People do not deter from furnishing fake documents/ certificates just to bag a lucrative job. The existence of fake universities across India, gives easy access to forge certificates for higher education. The alarming rate, at which discrepancies are increasing, has drawn the attention of the employers. This dangerous trend has brought background screening to the forefront.

Background screening is no longer restricted to any particular vertical or designation. Employers are screening candidates for both white collar and blue collar jobs. Even the C-Level executives are being screened by the employers these days.

Mr. Navin Chugh, Managing Director and Senior Vice President, FADV India said "India being strategically an important market for background screening and First advantage as the leader of this genre caters to this need. The employers in India are beginning to realize the significance of background screening in ensuring safety and security at work place as well as in the social scenario. Being the leader in the industry we are truly excited to embark on an aggressive growth plan".

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