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Fog throws airways in tizzy, 5,000 fliers stranded Fog throws airways in tizzy, 5,000 fliers stranded

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LUCKNOW: Heavy fog enveloping parts of UP, including Lucknow, not only sent the air traffic for a toss but also disrupted power supply following tripping of high power transmission lines on Monday.

As many as four Delhi flights and one Mumbai flight was canceled leaving hundreds of passengers in the lurch. Likewise, three flights to Kolkata were also delayed because of heavy fog conditions. The four flights to Delhi which got canceled because of heavy fog that enveloped the Amausi airport included S2-2121 Jet Konnect which was scheduled to depart from the Lucknow airport at 10.40 am. Likewise, 9W-2121 Jet airways, S2-3121 (Jet Konnect) and SG-518 Spice jet flight to Delhi also got canceled as visibility conditions in Lucknow and Delhi airport remained almost zero. Similarly, a Indigo flight to Mumbai also remained canceled because of heavy fog conditions in Lucknow. Airport sources said that the flight from Mumbai did not arrived at Lucknow airport because of visibility conditions. The flight was supposed to take off by 8am.

This was a day after nearly half a dozen flights got diverted to Lucknow airport late Sunday evening as visibility conditions in Delhi plunged dramatically. SpiceJet flight to Delhi made an emergency landing in Lucknow on Sunday night due to dense fog. Passengers were later taken to Amritsar from where they flew to Delhi on Monday. The Lucknow airport tarmac has capacity to accommodate 24 planes at a time and with the sudden landing of 20 flights diverted from Delhi, the tarmac was chock-a-block with planes. The private carriers had to bring in their ground staff to deal with the sudden rush of aircraft and a flurry of passengers. More than 5,000 passengers were reported to be stranded even on Monday morning.

According to reports, air traffic movement from Amausi airport remained crippled till afternoon of Monday because of heavy fog. Besides this, three flights to Kolkata-9W-2368 (Jet airways), S2-2368 (Jet konnect) and S2-3368 (Jet Konnect)-too got delayed by over an hour. The flights were scheduled to depart at 1.05 pm but could fly only after 2 pm. Airport sources said the flights could not operate from Lucknow because of the uncertainty at the Delhi airport where visibility conditions remained low. Significantly, the cancellation and delay in flights in and from Lucknow has been happening despite the installation of CAT-II navigation system that seeks to provide better landing and flying conditions to the pilot.

The foggy weather conditions also disrupted the transmission lines as conductors tripped. According to the Northern Load Dispatch Centre, there were two 400 KV transmission lines that tripped because of the fog. A Lucknow-Singrauli transmission line owned by the Power Grid Corporation tripped at around 3.50 am early Monday morning. Likewise, another 400 KV Lucknow (PG)-Lucknow line tripped because of earthing on the early hours of Monday. UP Transmission Corporation Limited said the earthing happened because of the fog. This impacted a smooth power supply to the state capital as authorities resorted to emergency rostering. Transmission corporation officials said that the work of replacing porcelain conductors with the polymer one was still going on in the stretch. It was only after it is complete that the situation would improve.

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