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Fraudsters posing as cops take away car, man duped Fraudsters posing as cops take away car, man duped

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AJMER: A man purchased a second hand car last November and now two people posing as Delhi Police personnel took away the vehicle stating that it was stolen from New Delhi. When the purchaser overcame the shock, he approached the court and the court asked the police to register a case against the seller of the second hand car for forgery.

According to the case, Himmat Singh of Ras village of Jetaran block of Nagaur went through an advertisement about sale of a second hand car. He approached the finance company, which had put the advertisement in Ajmer that seized the car when loan was not paid. Himmat paid the original owner Mohsin of Lohagal road a sum of Rs 6,75,000. With the money Mohsin got back his car and papers from the finance company. Mohsin then handed over the car to Himmat. "We took loan to purchase the car and paid the amount to get the registration and other papers and the car after Mohsin paid them the outstanding amount," said Himmat in his complaint.

Himmat got the possession of the car and papers on 13 November last year. But on January 9, Mohsin again approached Himmat with two other people stating them to be police officials from RK Puram police station, New Delhi. "They showed me an FIR stating about the car theft in New Delhi on December 2. The number of stolen car was different," added Himmat.

The so-called Delhi Police men seized the car and took it away with them. "When I came to my senses, I approached my advocate, Zafar Ahmed, and realized that I was being fooled in the name of Delhi Police," added the victim, Himmat. "When the buyer purchased and took possession of the car in November then how could the same car be stolen in December," asked Ahmed.

He added that the reported Delhi Police personnel while taking away the car did not check the chassis number and neither took any action against Himmat Singh, who purchased the alleged stolen car. This aroused suspicion.

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