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Get ready for rain ahead Get ready for rain ahead

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LUCKNOW: Even as intense cold conditions continued unabated on Friday, weatherman predicted more tough days ahead. While chilly and foggy conditions will continue for next few days, rains and thundershowers are expected on next week.

Thick fog enveloped the city in early hours and prevailed all day. The visibility was less than 25 metres at around 8.30 am. It improved gradually but did not improve beyond 500 metres. As a result, with no sunshine entire day, the maximum temperature was restricted to 13.3 degrees Celsius, nine degrees below normal. The minimum temperature, however, increased 9.5 degrees Celsius, two degrees above normal. On an average the temperature hovered between 10-11 degrees Celsius all day. Chilly winds in the evening added to the woes.

State Met director JP Gupta said that similar weather conditions would prevail for next few days because of heavy snowfall in the hill region in the past few days. Northwesterly winds coming from the snow clad mountains will intensify from Saturday, which would increase the chill factor in the atmosphere, he added. Another strong western disturbance is expected to hit the hill region on January 20, which would cause snow in the mountains and rains or thundershowers in the plains including Lucknow from January 22.

On Friday, though dense fog prevailed in many parts of the central UP, sky was clear in west and eastern parts of the state by afternoon. The visibility was 50 metres or less at 8.30 am in Agra, Aligarh, Bareilly, Shahjahanpur, Hardoi, Baharaich, Barabanki and Churk. Lowest minimum temperature in the state was recorded in Bijnore at 3.2 degrees Celsius. The lowest maximum temperature in the state and plains of the country was 12 degrees Celsius, recorded at Shahjahanpur and Kanpur.

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