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Haryana firm offers to help shift old Villupuram temple Haryana firm offers to help shift old Villupuram temple

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Villupuram: The residents of Thatchur in Villupuram district were a worried lot after the National Highways Authority of India issued notice two years ago directing them to demolish a temple in their village and paid just 1.71 lakh as compensation to facilitate widening of the Salem-Chennai highway. In January this year, they saw a ray of hope when the residents of a village in Ambur, Vellore district shifted a 300-year-old temple with its structure intact to a new site with the help of a Haryana-based engineering firm following a similar demolition notice from NHAI.

The temple trustees with consent of the villagers roped in experts from the firm, TDBD Engineering Works Private Ltd, to shift Thatchur Mariamman temple to a new site, 65 feet away. The expert team has begun work and has lifted the entire temple, spread over 1,600 sqft and weighing roughly 200 tonnes, to a height of one-and-half feet after placing jacks between the basement and foundation. The team comprising between 10 and 15 members will move the temple with its structure intact on rollers to the new site where the foundation laying work has begun.

"It will take roughly one-and-half months to shift the temple to the new site. The temple faces south east but trustees want the temple to face east. We will turn the entire structure by 30 degrees while moving to the new site so that the entrance of the temple faces east,"said TDBD Engineering Works Private Ltd managing director Sushil Sisodia.

"When we learnt that a temple was being shifted to a new site with its structures intact at Ambur by a team of experts we visited the village and witnessed the event. We were confident that the firm could shift the temple without damaging the structure and requested them to shift our temple too," said M Venkatachalapathy, a member of the trust.

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