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Jivdaya pays to collect Manja waste to save birds Jivdaya pays to collect Manja waste to save birds

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AHMEDABAD: If you thought that the banned Chinese thread was not used during Uttarayan this year, you are mistaken. The collection of the waste manja lying on the road tells one that the deadly Chinese thread was used in abundance during the two-day festival. At least 30% all manja collected till Friday was Chinese thread, which is nylon thread.

Every year, the state government issues a notification banning the sale of Chinese manja ahead of Uttarayan. But in utter disregard to the notification, people use this and hardly any action is taken.

This year the NGOs that launched a drive to collect waste manja found that around 30% of the manja was Chinese thread.

Jivdaya Trust, engaged in rescue of birds, has been asking people to collect the waste manja and earn Rs 150 per kg. The trust has also asked its volunteers to collect manja from people and pay them Rs 15 per 100 g.

"On the first day, the volunteers collected nearly 3kg manja and by Friday afternoon, this increased to 15kg. Around 30% of the collected manja is banned Chinese thread. The Chinese thread is the most dangerous as it results in death of birds,'' said Giraben Shah, a trustee.

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