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Jodhpur: Nurse dies of unidentified illness Jodhpur: Nurse dies of unidentified illness

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JODHPUR: A male nurse of a private hospital here, died of an unidentified disease on Sunday night triggering panic in the city. Another nurse, who was critical, was shifted to AIIMS, New Delhi on Monday evening by an air ambulance. Both the nurses were on duty at the hospital's ICU till Saturday afternoon and fell ill on the same day triggering rumours that they caught infection in the hospital.

The deceased nurse's relatives have alleged that there were 5 nurses on duty on rotational basis in the ICU to look after a patient, who died three days back. "All the 5 nurses attending the patient developed health complications. Two were critical, one of them was our relative who died. One went to Ahmedabad for treatment and the other two were not seriously ill," said a relative, claiming that the nurses had got infection from the patient in ICU.

However, Kuldeep Goswami, the hospital's public relation officer, refuted the allegations. He said there were only two reported incidences. "Dinesh Chouhan, the one who died, came to us on Sunday morning and we administered a blood test, which confirmed that he was neither suffering from dengue nor swine flu. There was no other noticeable virus infection", said Goswami.

"We, however, started the treatment on the basis of symptoms, but the patient reached the stage of multiple organ failure followed by sharp fall in the platelet count and died on Sunday night", said Goswami. His viscera has been sent to microbiology laboratory in Pune for detailed study.

The other patient Shravan Kumar, was rushed to AIIMS, New Delhi on Monday evening by air ambulance as his family wanted this. "His condition was also critical", he said.

On the other hand, a team of chief medical and health officer (CMHO) rushed to the hospital to enquire about the matter on Monday morning and collected details on different aspects. CMHO Yuddhveer Singh also confirmed that the two suffered critically. "We are trying to contact the person who went to Ahmedabad whereas the other two are fine. I personally met them", he said assuring there was nothing to worry about.

Singh said many viruses are responsible for sharp decline in platelet count. "But since this virus is unidentifiable, it is necessary for us to know about it. We will have to wait for the report from the Pune lab before we can reach any conclusion", he said.

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