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Kutch artist's Ajrak prints to be on show Kutch artist's Ajrak prints to be on show

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AHMEDABAD: One of the foremost craftsmen of Ajrak Prints in the country Dr Ismail Mohammad Khatri will hold an exhibition of his works at the Centre for Heritage Management at Ahmedabad University.

Khatri belongs to a family of craftsmen who were invited to Kutch from Sindh by then Maharao of Kutch Rao Bharmal Ji. They were invited to serve the communities of Kutch through their craft skills. The community chose to settle down at Dhamadka because their craft Ajrak, which required good quality water. The Khatris were using naturally available plants, materials to prepare traditional Ajrak textiles for local pastoral communities.

He will be in the city on Friday to inaugurate the Master of Management Studies programme at AU. Khatri has won many national and international awards in his career. He was awarded an honorary doctorate in Arts by De Montford University of UK in 2003. He is known for his efforts to revive Indian block printed design and even Al-fustat fabric, found in Egypt pyramids. He propagates the craft practice in Ajrak block print.

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