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Lot needs to be done for women to feel free Lot needs to be done for women to feel free

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LUDHIANA: The recent incident of a girl being teased in an auto-rickshaw while she was on her way to Chandigarh to meet her brother on rakshabandhan has put the problem of harassment under the spotlight.

The accused, Vinod Kumar of Jamalpur clicked pictures of the girl, a resident of Barewal, while he was travelling with her in an auto-rickshaw on August 9. Acting bravely, the girl reported the police at Bharat Nagar Chowk and the accused was arrested.

This is not an isolated case. Many such incidents are reported from outside schools, college and busy markets. The number of such cases has grown in the last few years. According to the data available with the police, cases of harassment have doubled in the last four years. There were 12 such cases in 2011 but this year, 12 cases were reported in the first seven months of the year.

According to the police, worst affected areas are Civil Lines, Bharat Nagar Chowk, Model Town, Chandigarh Road, Sarabha Nagar, BRS Nagar, Ferozepur road and Ghumar Mandi. In some cases, victims have the courage to get cases registered against the accused but majority of such cases go unreported as the victims shy away from getting complaints registered. Radhika Jaitwani, a women's rights activist and resident of Country Homes, said, "The number of cases of harassment being registered in police stations is just the tip of the iceberg. The number of such instances is roughly 10 times more than the complaints lodged. I have seen such cases around colleges and in markets and tried to prevent them. Though police officials claim to deploy cops in uniform and plain clothes but a lot more needs to be done not just by police but also by society. Boys need to be taught traditional values and principles so that they look at women with respect".

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