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Mayor's case: Accused blames police for false 'search' claim Mayor's case: Accused blames police for false 'search' claim

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KOCHI: Manoj Ravindran, who has been accused of making defamatory statements against Kochi mayor Tony Chammany on Facebook, said on Tuesday that he was very much present in the city contrary to what the central police claimed.

Police on Monday issued a statement that they are tracking a person named Manoj Ravindran who allegedly made defaming remarks about Chammany on Facebook under the user name 'Niraksharan'. Police have registered a case against him based on the petition filed by Chammany before Ernakulam range IG in October 2014. Meanwhile, Manoj has also posted the statement on his blog on Tuesday, rubbishing the arguments of police. "Police have my contact number and address details and I am very much available in the city. I am shocked by such callous statements made by the police and the whole thing is politically motivated," Manoj said.

He said the central police had first called him on December 13, 2014 and asked him to come to the police station in connection with a complaint made by the mayor. "However, as I was busy I could go only on Monday (December 15). On Monday, when the CI was busy in a meeting and later he had to leave for another meeting," he said.

However, he gave his statement to the police on the next day. "Though the police noted down what I said, they neither took my signature nor gave me a copy of the statement," he added. When contacted circle inspector of central station Francis Shelbi reiterated that the police were still searching for Manoj.

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