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NRIs not investing in Punjab, admits CM NRIs not investing in Punjab, admits CM

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JALANDHAR: Chief minister Parkash Singh Badal has admitted that the state has not been able to attract NRI money though his government had been asking them to invest in their native state. "The next generation of the NRIs born and brought up abroad is not ready to shift here or start new ventures. There are sort of personal reasons of NRIs that they have not invested here," said Badal while responding to a query after holding special 'sangat darshan' for NRIs from seven districts of Doaba and Majha regions.

"Though companies from abroad are investing here, individual investments in business or industry have not come to the state," CM added.

For the last seven years, Punjab government has been inviting NRIs to invest in the state and deputy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal had even gave powerpoint presentations during the NRI Sammelans in 2008 and 2009 projecting the state as a favourable destination for investments. Apart from trying to play the emotional card of asking the NRIs to invest in the state of their birth, it was projected that the state government would make the atmosphere congenial for them to start up businesses in Punjab. Even during the Parvasi Bharat Sammelan held in Gujarat recently, Punjab CM had given a call to the NRIs to come to the state to establish their industry.

Meanwhile, responding to another query CM said that if officials worked earnestly then the number of complaints from expatriates reaching him would be much less. "With the sangat darshan I am able to monitor things and know what is happening on ground. It gives me feedback also. Most of the complaints pertain to revenue department and emerge from the family disputes," CM said after hearing complaints from 200 NRIs.

He also revealed that in one or two cases involvement of officials, who had their vested interests in the disputes, had also come up. Badal also urged the NRIs to establish special schools for their children in Punjab so that they could study in the state at least for a couple of years which would help them to connect to the land of their ancestors.

"The government will help them but they should come forward for the endeavor," he said. He also said while Punjab home secretary and DGP had been asked to review all cases in which NRIs had been declared proclaimed offenders, the state government would also consider setting up of special NRI cells in all districts - suggestion that had come up during a 'sangat darshan' held earlier.

Fewer complaints from Doaba

Though Doaba is heartland of NRIs, there were only 233 complaints from the region at the sangat darshan' on Friday. This stands in contrast to 7,992 complaints received by NRI wing of Punjab police in 2014. Maximum complaints received on Friday were from Jalandhar district (122) while minimum were from Pathankot (2).

Movie on Badal: Sukhbir proposes, father disposes

While the deputy chief minister and SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal had said that a movie would be made on Badal senior and the history of Akali Dal, Punjab CM said no film should be made on him. "I have made it very clear that neither any book should be written on me nor any movie would be made about me," the Akali patriarch clarified.

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