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Neglect of rules turning Park St crime-prone: Cops Neglect of rules turning Park St crime-prone: Cops

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KOLKATA: The twin incidents at Park Street might be grave in nature but the police say a few security steps could have prevented both the crimes.

In the Neelam Apartment attempted dacoity case, the robbers told the security guards that they were entering a 'guest house' in the complex. Strangely, only a few cops in the area actually knew about the existence of this guest house and even fewer had any idea if it had the required permission. But local traders claimed 'private houses' turning into 'lodges' was very common in Park Street. More importantly, this one claim made by the accused helped them dodge 14 CCTV cameras and as many security personnel to gain entry into the third-floor Jain residence.

Similarly, in the Rafi Ahmed Kidwai double murder case, the accused had entered his own name in the hotel register but the receptionist never bothered to verify the name of the woman and child accompanying him. As a result, cops now do not even know the identity of the victims.

"We tell all hotels to keep records of each person who checks in. While the child could have been spared, they should not have allowed the woman to check in without any kind of identification," said an officer.

According to Lalbazaar sources, the police will now be more rigid with hotel norms and check log books often. Officers of the local police station have already started raiding the shady hotels adjoining Park Street. The area had earlier turned into a haven for criminals. Many used to find their way to the hotels either as managers or guides. Police records say Munna Ali alias Guddu, Langda Raju, Mohammed Aslam, Rakesh and Osman have been some of the biggest operators here but most of them are now behind bars now.

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