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Now, welding sparks create burn worries for commuters Now, welding sparks create burn worries for commuters

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KOCHI: The welding work going on at the Metro site in Kaloor has become a safety threat for pedestrians and motorists using the stretch.

Sparks from the welding work, which got underway on Monday, are falling directly on commuters and passersby from the scaffolding and beams of the Metro structure.

The work is primarily going on for the Metro station at the Kaloor bus stand on girders and beams opposite PVS Hospital. Binu Joseph and his wife Nisha, who were on their way to Kadavanthra on Tuesday evening, got stuck in the traffic on a two-wheeler near one of the welding spots and were caught unaware by the flaming sparks which blew in their direction from above. "The sparks burn a bit. I have a helmet but my wife was afraid that it would burn her hair. If it was only a few sparks it wouldn't matter. But this was more like a rain!" said Binu.

"The welding sparks leave dark spots on our cars, especially if they are lighter in color. My car is white and so one can notice light brown spots on it. Because of the heavy traffic, these sparks pose a danger," said C Rajendran, who travels through Kaloor daily for work.

According to Dr Vijay Kiran of Krishna Hospital, these welding sparks leave superficial burns. "The sparks can cause first degree burns similar to those caused by sparkler fireworks. It's not serious and can cause discomfort as it singes and leave marks." "The sparks will cause only minor burns. But if they fall either in one's eye or on synthetic clothing then it will leave a more severe burn," he added.

The Metro work is going on round the clock as the project has to be completed by June 2016. "The work is underway 24/7 to make sure that we meet the deadline. We will speak to concerned engineers and ensure that the welding work is done at night to provide safety for commuters," said a DMRC spokesperson.

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