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Over 10L traffic offenders booked in 2014 Over 10L traffic offenders booked in 2014

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PUNE: It wasn't just helmet rule violations, but other traffic offences too that went up in 2014, indicating not just better enforcement but also the city's continued disregard for traffic rules.

The number of violations of major traffic rules went up in 2014 as compared to 2013. The total number of offences registered in 2014 was more than 10.72 lakh and the government collected Rs 12 crore in the form of penalties, up from the Rs 9 crore collected in the previous year for 6.86 lakh challans.

If the helmet-rule was the most commonly flouted law in 2014 - nearly two lakh people challaned in the year, with a five-fold increase over its tally in 2013 - there were more than 1.5 lakh cases of vehicles parked in 'no parking zones' and the same number for signal jumping last year. Almost 90,000 people were pulled up in 2014 for halting their vehicles beyond the zebra crossing.

The traffic police data shows other violations too went up in 2014 as compared to 2013 - the number of two-wheeler riders penalized for triple-seat riding saw a more than four-fold increase, the number of drivers caught for lane cutting more than doubled, as did car drivers who were fined for not wearing seat-belts. Only two traffic offences, parking on road corners and on footpaths registered a fall in the number of those challaned over 2013.

Rule flouting is more commonly reported among the younger road users, senior traffic police officials said. The same is also reflected in the accident data compiled for the year - more than one-third of road fatalities in 2014 were of those in the productive age-group of 22-45 years.

More challans are issued around academic institutes and commercial centres, analysis of available statistics reveals, with triple-seat driving, rash driving, illegal parking among others being the most common offences here. Flouting of traffic rules is also more rampant in the evening hours, probably explained by the tendency of people to rush home and lack of adequate lighting, traffic police says.

Better enforcement of rules is the major reason for the increase in the number of challans, said Sarang Awad, deputy commissioner of police (traffic). "We certainly need more sanity on the city's roads. The law is above all reasons that rule-breakers may have and will be enforced strictly. We will continue to come down hard on all kinds of offences, especially those that obstruct the smooth flow of traffic," he said.


Major offences


Challans/ Deposit (in Rs)Challans/ Deposit (in Rs)

No helmet1, 96,082/ 2, 02, 10,20038,689/ 41, 60,000

No Parking1, 52,732/ 1, 57, 89,4001, 11,978/ 1, 15, 05,050

Signal Jumping1, 52,033/ 1, 57, 15,8001, 15,773/ 1, 21, 53,200

Halting beyond zebra crossing89, 340/ 90, 50,40080,868/ 82, 15,400

No seat-belt82,515/ 84, 34,90036,916/ 37, 95,100

Tinted glasses46,610/ 48, 23,00040,284/ 41, 79,600

Jammer43,797/ 53, 22,60032,567/ 34, 56,300

Lane Cutting30,222/ 30, 90,10015,123/ 15, 78,200

Triple Seat17,131/ 21, 80,0004,214/ 6, 80,400

Corner Parking12,574/ 13, 00,05013,701/ 14, 09,500

Footpath Parking5,643/ 5, 92,60013,070/ 14, 09,500

Double Parking1,577/ 1, 60,4001503/ 1, 61,800

Rash Driving1238/ 8, 10,7001521/ 10, 60,800

Over Speeding206/ 44,20018/ 4200

Grand Total10, 72,310/ 12, 93, 75,7506, 86,841/ 9, 21, 19,500

Source: Pune Traffic Police

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