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Pink city gets ‘airborne’ on Sankranti Pink city gets ‘airborne’ on Sankranti

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JAIPUR: Kite flying sessions on Makar Sankranti day on Wednesday was nothing less than a Bollywood potboiler - having a lousy first half, good second half and a happy ending, literally.

The only concern and irritation for the kite enthusiasts were the cloudy conditions due to which flying of kites was not favourable till around 1.30 pm during the day,.

Thereafter, there was some action in the air when people were seen lining up on their terraces to enjoy kite flying and competing with their neighbours. It has a good climax when as per traditions many people also burst firecrackers.

From a six-year-old boy to his sixty-year-old grandfather everyone was at the terrace of their houses since 6 am in the morning. Despite their regular attempts, they were not been able to take their kites to a good height and were getting snapped.

"It happens almost every year. I hope there would be good winds in the afternoon. I have purchased 100 kites to be flown by my son and my father, but everyone is sitting idle which is frustrating," said Akshat Singh, an IT professional working at Gurgaon and was here on leave to celebrate the festival with family at Mansarover locality.

Like him many kite lovers remained disappointed till 1.30 pm. The time was used by the womenfolk preparing daal ke pakode, gajar ka halwa, til ke ladoo etc to their family members. "Makar Sankranti is the festival when everyone including your neighbour's family is on the terrace. It is good to have whatever they have prepared in their house and offer whatever we have prepared," said Shalini Sharma, a housewife from Bapu Nagar said.

Along with kite flying favourite film songs too were played on the terrace. There were many who were doing live commentary while people were snapping each others kites. "In my family, youngsters are happy with flying kites, women are happy with preparing and serving a variety of dishes while I enjoy my role of a commentator," said Nitindeep Singh who continued his commentary throughout the day from the terrace of his house in Raja Park.

Finally, the kite lovers winded up the day at around 6.30 pm by bursting firecrackers.

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