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Residents sweat as Tangedco shuffles cut hours Residents sweat as Tangedco shuffles cut hours

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COIMBATORE: Residents are facing the heat as Tangedco is struggling to meet the power demand. The state power utility had held back cuts until the polling day but has now given up, unable to supply sufficient power to residents.

V T Shahnawaaz, a resident of MGR Nagar near Singanallur, said the city residents are now bracing to sweat it out in their homes as summer is peaking. Though the outages do not extend beyond two or three hours at a stretch, the residents are clueless about the power disruption cycles because Tangedco officials are yet to announce a fixed schedule. "We had less power cuts in the days before the election and now that the votes have been cast, the electricity board officials have been pulling the plug frequently. In fact, on Thursday night we had a one-hour power cut in our locality," said C S Venkatesh, an auto consultant with his office at Ramnagar in the city.

A senior Tangedco official claimed they have been trying to cut down the duration of power outages to the minimum despite the higher demand during summer. He added that the domestic consumption rise during summer with the schools closed and homes and offices using air conditioners and fans more frequently and for longer duration.

"Thankfully we are better off when compared to previous years when we could not even charge our UPS batteries. Yesterday, there was cuts running to three hours but we managed with the UPS. The main problem now is nobody knows when the power supply will be suspended," said Shahnawaaz.

A senior railway official residing at his official quarters near Pothanur pointed out that power outages at night was a major issue in his region and the main topic of discussion among railway employee unions. Venkatesh added that the most vital investment for anyone venturing out to set up a business in Coimbatore has become a generator set.

According to S Ravikumar from COTMA (Coimbatore-Tirupur Micro & Cottage Entrepreneurs Association), a large number of small and tiny units operate out of residential areas, which sometimes cannot afford installing generator back-up due to various issue ranging from affordability to lack of space. "Micro units have suffered a 50 per cent dip in the total production just because of power shortage. Now that the polling is over, we are all worried about the power situation," Ravikumar said. There are over 30,000 micro units in the Coimbatore-Tirupur belt.

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