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Robbery, murder bid on Park St in broad daylight Robbery, murder bid on Park St in broad daylight

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KOLKATA: Three men walked past at least 20 CCTV cameras and half a dozen security guards to attack the wife of a prominent businessman in an office-cum-residential compl-ex in posh Park Street, just 300 metres from the local police station, on Tuesday morning. The victim, 55-year-old Raj Jain, was hit on the head with a hammer and is now in ICU.

The brazen crime in one of the most prominent locations of Kolkata has left police with a lot of questions to answer. The motive for the attack is still a mystery. While it initially looked like a robbery and attempted murder, the profile of the prime suspect — 44-year-old Md Imtiaz Dhali — stumped cops. Imtiaz belongs to one of the most respected Surti Muslim families of eastern India and most of his relatives, including his brothers, are settled in London.

According to police, CCTV cameras have captured three men — including Imtiaz — walking up to Neelam Apar-tments, located opposite Jewish Girls' school, around noon.

Security guards asked them where they were headed. The trio said they had arrived from Nagpur and were going to a guest house in the complex. The guards apparently did not ask for their credentials or check with the guest house staff.

CCTV footage shows Imtiaz ringing the doorbell of the Jains' apartment on the second floor. It was Raj who opened the door after a few minutes. They are seen speaking briefly before the trio enters the flat. A couple of minutes later, the footage shows Imtiaz and the two men rushing out, chased by Raj's ayah and her daughter who are screaming for help. While the other two accused ran for the exit, Imtiaz sprinted upstairs where he was nabbed.

"I heard Raj's ayah scream and saw a man with a bag running upstairs. The residents ran after him and nabbed the accused. I came back to see Raj lying in a pool of blood. She had been hit with a hammer. We had never expected such an attack in such a secure place," said Saratchandra Ghosh, an employee of ML Sahgal and Co, a CA firm located next door.

Police said they are investigating the robbery angle. "We do not believe it was a robbery though we have seized a knife, new ropes and sticky tape from Imtiaz's bag. If he indeed wanted to commit robbery, he would have tried to shut the door from inside and tie up the women. He has told us about his brothers settled in London and how he is settled in Gujarat. He admits to being a former drug addict and says he returned to Kolkata after several years and befriended two accomplices in Kidderpore. Imtiaz claims he was seeking revenge because he was implicated falsely a month-and-a-half ago," said an investigator.

Police are raiding the Port area in search of the other two suspects. "We have registered a case at Park Street police station. We are probing the robbery angle but not ruling out personal enmity behind the attack," said DC-south Murlidhar Sharma. Raj's condition is serious but stable. Her husband is a highly successful motor parts dealer in the city.

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