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Romanian students get taste of Indian culture Romanian students get taste of Indian culture

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CHANDIGARH: After a warm welcome by Indian students, a group of theatre artistes from Romania gave them a glimpse of their talent at Panjab University on Friday. The theatre group "Catharsis" from Romania on Friday staged 'Triumph of Love - a beguiling romantic comedy at Panjab University's department of Indian Theatre. The play was directed by Semida David and written by Pierre de Marivaux. A total of 13 artistes from Romania acted as various characters in the play. "Triumph of Love" was first performed in Paris on March 12, 1732.

On Saturday evening, there will be a two-hour combined theatre session of Romanian artistes and students of Indian Theatre, in which they will exchange theatre culture of both the countries. On Friday, assistant professor of theatre Navdeep Kaur along with students of the department welcomed the team of Romanian artistes in traditional Indian manner.

Kaur and Harish Kumar from University Institute of Engineering and Technology - who are members of the Indo-Romanian Cultural Exchange Programme - said that the show was organized by the initiative of professor V K Madan from India and Marius Cretu from Romania.

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