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Rowdy Ranthambore tiger goes missing Rowdy Ranthambore tiger goes missing

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JAIPUR: Infamous for its alleged frequent attack on human beings in the Ranthambore National Park, tiger T-24 is missing since Sunday. About 15 forest department officials are on its trail trying to locate the tiger.

The big cat, who practically greeted tourists in the park with his territory earmarked near the Kalapani area on route number 1, has not been well for some days and has been facing problems with defecation. Sources in the forest department revealed that the tiger has not been able to defecate for almost the past eight days and has been showing symptoms of being in pain.

"The tiger has not been eating at all. Forced by the situation, forest officials decided to feed it artificially through baits on Sunday. At this, the tiger did feed a bit but not much. Since then it went missing. However, we are confident of tracing it soon," sources at the department revealed. Earlier, doctors had tried to help the tiger with his problem but met with partial success.

According to conservation biologist Dharmendra Khandal, "Tigers suffer from such problems if it eats fur. Alternatively, it could also be due to some bone that's stuck within it or a tumor that is preventing it from defecating properly." The department had also been contemplating of operating on the tiger. T-24 has had a minor operation of sorts earlier when a throne got stuck in one of its paws.

Dominant male tiger T-24 went on a series of kills in 2012 that ended with the death of assistant forest officer Gheesu Singh. The tiger dragged the forester by his neck for about 25 metres from amongst a group of labourers in the Kalapani area. Later Singh's mutilated body was traced by a search party. Its first victim in this series of attacks was 23-year-old Ghamandi Lal Saini and the next was 19-year-old Ashfaq Ahmed just days earlier.

Disturbed by the series of incidents, forest officials were forced to close route number one and another route nearby temporarily so that further confrontation can be avoided. Experts too were consulted and situation returned to normalcy soon.

"The present act of the tiger is disturbing. No possibilities can be ruled out at this stage," sources said.

Ranthambore suffers from a scarcity of male tigers with the ratio of male to females highly skewed in favour of the latter.

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