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Scope for private universities in state to be probed Scope for private universities in state to be probed

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The international meet on transnational education, organized by the Kerala State Higher Education Council (KSHEC), concluded on Sunday with the release of the Thiruvananthapuram Declaration on Transnational Education. One of the major plans, mentioned in the declaration, is to establish an expert panel to study the scope of

private universities in Kerala to enhance direct investment in the higher education sector.

In the press meet held after the valedictory function, KSHEC vice-chairman T P Sreenivasan said the council would set up a committee to study the pros and cons of private varsities, adding that there must be a regulatory body to check the functioning of private universities. "According to the recommendations of the Narayana Murthy committee appointed by the Planning Commission, 50% of investments in higher education must come from the private sector, as the government has limited funds to invest in the sector," he said.

The declaration has requested Unesco to organize a meeting of member states to discuss the formulation of a global policy regime which will harness the potential benefits of technologically enhanced transnational education for all member states.

The declaration also asked student communities in the world to urgently take note of the rapidly changing scenario of technology-enabled higher education and new trends in transnational education.

The meeting debated on various topics related to transnational education, including the explosive growth of the massive open online courses (Moocs) which are transforming the way educational content is delivered across the globe. "Even lectures from Harvard university are available free of cost. The academies, teachers and students must take into account what is happening around the world," Sreenivasan said. He said the state could review the possibilities of developing niche open online courses (Noocs). "For example the Malayalam University can develop contents for a course in Kathakali, history of Malayalam or Kerala better than any other universities," he said.

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