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Shazia joins BJP, not in mood to contest after AAP’s ‘betrayals’ Shazia joins BJP, not in mood to contest after AAP’s ‘betrayals’

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NEW DELHI: After months of speculation, Shazia Ilmi joined BJP on Friday. The former AAP member, however, reiterated that she will not contest Delhi elections, which sources say, is unlikely.

"After my terrible experience in RK Puram and Ghaziabad elections, I don't want to contest polls. I want to work for the party. I hope BJP will respect my wish," said Ilmi.

Shazia plans to write a book about her experiences with AAP. "Kejriwal, whom I worked with closely for years, did not receive my calls when he became CM. I used to request his close aide Vibhav to meet him and wait for weeks to speak to him," she added.

A member of the core team of Anna Hazare, who along with Arvind Kejriwal led the anti-corruption movement in 2011, she was also a founding member of AAP. She even contested and lost in the previous assembly and Lok Sabha elections from RK Puram and Ghaziabad, respectively. "Certain AAP members worked to ensure my defeat, first by forcing me to contest from a seat I was not keen on, and by inciting party workers against me. I can't describe what I went through," the journalist-turned politician said.

She said PM Narendra Modi's inspirational leadership and his development agenda brought her to BJP. "I have been a part of Modi's Swachh Bharat campaign. It's a unique initiative. His success in bringing about positivity among the country's youth is also commendable," she said.

During Lok Sabha election, Ilmi had charged BJP for being a communal party and criticized Modi for Gujarat riots, but on Friday she tried to deflect from the issues saying it is more important to focus on the positive aspects.

"Ghar wapsi is not BJP's agenda. I have discussed this with Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley and they have denied any support for this. Also, why do we keep talking about Gujarat riots and 1984 Sikh riots only? There have been many more disturbances in the past, like the Bhagalpur riots. The so-called secular parties have made the minorities slaves using the sword of fear but done little to improve their living condition," Ilmi said.

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