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Tamil Nadu Agricultural University to install seed vending machine soon Tamil Nadu Agricultural University to install seed vending machine soon

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COIMBATORE: As a first of its kind in the state, seed vending machines will be introduced by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) where people can buy vegetable and flower seeds from the machine by paying money similar to vending machines selling soft drinks. This is being introduced as a pilot project by TNAU aiming to help those who want to purchase seeds in small quantities for nurturing their kitchen and terrace gardens.

M Bhaskaran, special officer seeds at TNAU said that they had introduced this concept based on the Kerala Agricultural University's concept. "They have installed such machines in several places in Kerala including bus stands. We visited the spots and saw they were receiving tremendous response," he said.

They will try this for a month and depending on the response, may install similar machines elsewhere, he said.

This machine will be kept at the entrance of the Botanical Garden at the TNAU campus. This will be inaugurated at the State level farmers' Day programmes to be held at TNAU this Saturday. The seeds which will be between 10 grams to 100 grams can be bought by inserting a Rs10 currency note in the machine. The packets of vegetable and flower seeds can be seen stacked inside the machine through the transparent glass door. The machine will be kept refrigerated to avoid spoiling of seeds. After inserting the money, the customer should press the respective button of the seed he wants and the packet will be released by the machine, falling into the collection box.

This machine which has been purchased at a cost of Rs2.4lakh from a Delhi based firm will be kept in a separate room with a separate employee to manage the machine, refilling when necessary.

"This is specifically aimed at people desiring to grow popular vegetables including tomatoes and brinjal in their limited space at home. Usually, seeds are available only in large quantities which may not be suitable for such people," said Bhaskaran.

Private firms interested in the project can also install similar machines, he said.

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