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Telangana, Andhra Pradesh administration in limbo over IAS posting Telangana, Andhra Pradesh administration in limbo over IAS posting

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Hyderabad: Contrary to expectations that the administration would be in place after the Chief Ministers of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh assume charge along with their council of ministers, the delay by the Pratyush Sinha Committee to make final allotment of IAS officers to both the states has left the administration in the lurch.

On Monday, the first day the administration got to work in the AP Secretariat, no major files moved or were approved.

In fact, several IAS officers who are at present provisionally allotted to Telangana, but are still working from J, K, L, H north and south blocks that have been allocated to Andhra Pradesh, are yet to shift to the Telangana Secretariat buildings.

In some buildings like L block, though some of the IAS officers working for the AP government have taken over the chambers from their counterparts working provisionally for Telangana state, their section officers did not come and so the movement of files was nil.

“Though the government allotted 44 IAS officers to Telangana, all of them are provisional allocations. Of the total 376 sanctioned posts of IAS officers in undivided Andhra Pradesh, 290-odd babus are working as on date."

"They have to be permanently divided and distributed among the two states on 58:42 ratio (AP:Telangana). Though many of them have given their options i.e. made their choice to work for a particular state, it is still not clear whether the Centre will honour options or go by the nativity or follow any other method to distribute officers,” said a senior IAS officer.

The Pratyush Sinha Committee appointed by the Central government to distribute IAS officers has to make a final allotment and sources said it will take another three to four weeks for the committee to complete its exercise.

Subsequently, the file will be sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his final approval.

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