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Theories abound over high voting percentage in Rajasthan Theories abound over high voting percentage in Rajasthan

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JAIPUR: A day after the state witnessed a record polling of 75.20%, candidates came up with their own theories behind an unprecedented increase in the polling percentage compared to the 2008 assembly elections.

The increase in polling percentage remained the talking point of the day and candidates as well as voters were enthused over the large participation. Some candidates attributed it to the Election Commission's effort to encourage voters to exercise their franchise, while others credited it to the government's flagship schemes that drove people to the polling booths even as few others read it as effect of Narendra Modi wave.

Candidates of Congress and BJP claimed that the increased voting percentage will benefit them. BJP candidate from Sanganer, Ghanshyam Tiwari said : "Voters landing up in booths without seeking any conveyance from parties probably happened for the first time. Secondly, the first time and young voters came out in large numbersdueto Election Commission's publicity drives."

BJP candidate from Rajsamand, Kiran Maheswari feels that Modi effect added to candidate credentials have motivated voters to come out in huge numbers. "The presence of our youths in social media helped them to connect with the parties' ideology, vision and credentials of candidates, thus generating a keen interest towards exercising right to vote," she said.

She praised Election Commission's efforts to increase booths and spread awareness on voting. "There were more booths compared to previous elections. The EC's efforts have helped in increasing the polling percentage," said Maheshwari.

Moreover, Hawa Mahal Congress candidate Brij Kishore Sharma said, "I am not sure but it could be because of the state government's scheme like free medicines, free diagnostic tests and pension schemes which have forced people to vote. And the other reason could be the Election Commission's efforts to encourage the voters to vote."

BJP candidate from Adarsh Nagar constituency Ashok Parnami said, "I think it could be due to the Modi's factor. People voted in large numbers as Modi factor came into play."

Now,the candidates andthe voters, all are waiting for the results on December 8 to analyze the reason of increase in the polling percentage.

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