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Vatva leak: Hazard audit for state Vatva leak: Hazard audit for state

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GANDHINAGAR: The state government on Friday ordered safety audit of every industrial unit in Vatva GIDC and other units across the state that produce hazardous chemicals and gases. This order comes in the wake of the incident in the night of January 12 when toxic gas leaked from a chemicals unit in Vatva GIDC, affecting over 100 people. Eight people had to be hospitalized.

The Vatva gas leak incident was discussed in detail and necessary orders were passed to prevent any such accident in future, at a high-level meeting chaired by P K Taneja, additional chief secretary (ACS), forest and environment. The meeting was attended by directorate of industrial safety & health (DISH), officials from Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB), industry and mines department, labour and employment department, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), and home department. A key official present at the meeting said that it was concluded that there were no mandatory safety audits or checks in Vatva for a long time. "A number of factories are into hazardous chemical handling without any safety precautions in place and they are evading the mandatory procedures. To save cost, they are ignoring safety. DISH and GPCB and other authorities concerned have been asked to have regular meetings of the District Crisis Group and ensure safety audit of each and every unit," he said.

Taneja, when contacted, said: "Considering the gravity of the problem, we have ordered safety audit of each and every factory in Vatva and other parts of the city and in other such locations where there is a possibility of gas leakage or harm by chemicals. All agencies concerned have been asked to take immediate action to review their preparedness in any such crisis in future and take proactive action to prevent any such thing in future."

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