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Woman gang-raped and killed Woman gang-raped and killed

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CONTAI: A 47-year-old ICDS worker, whose husband is a CPM leader, was dragged out of her house, paraded naked, gang-raped and then murdered, allegedly by Trinamool Congress workers, on Sunday evening in Ghoraghata village in East Midnapore.

The woman's husband has alleged police inaction. The local CPM has threatened to launch an agitation, while the Trinamool termed the death a suicide.

The victim's husband is a CPM local committee member who was forced to leave the village with his son soon after the 2011 assembly elections, which the Trinamool won by a landslide. His wife, however, stayed back.

According to witnesses, a mob turned up at the victim's house on Sunday morning, allegedly led by Debashis Bhunia, block Yuva president of the Trinamool. The mob demanded that she bring her husband and son back to the village or pay a penalty of Rs 12 lakh. The goons warned her that they would return soon to hear her decision.

The woman immediately called up her husband and narrated the incident. He called up the Contai police station seeking protection for his wife. But he alleged that the police seemed to have done nothing, as the mob returned to her house in the afternoon and wanted to know her decision. She again called up her husband, and he told her that he had called up the cops.

The mob dispersed after a while, but returned at 6pm to demand the "penalty". When she said she couldn't pay it, they dragged her out of the house. She was stripped and beaten up.

Some villagers alerted the woman's husband over the phone. He again informed the police and asked for assistance.

While none of the villagers dared to react, the woman's brother-in-law tried to resist the torture. But he was beaten up, his limbs tied up and moved away to an empty shed in one corner of the village.

The witnesses said that the woman was made to sit in the village square till nearly 10pm. The goons took turns at beating her from time to time. Around 10pm, when word got around that the police could turn up, they allegedly dragged her back to her house, gang-raped and killed her. A witness says that the body was then hung from the ceiling to pass it off as a suicide,

"How could she have possibly killed herself?" questioned a villager. "Her arm was broken, so she could not have tied the knot herself."

The police finally reached the village on Monday morning to collect the body. Her brother-in-law accompanied them back to Contai. The woman's husband and son were waiting for them at the police station. The husband lodged a written complaint with the police, alleging that the murder was pre-planned. "The Trinamool Congress workers knew that my wife, an ICDS worker, couldn't pay that sum. They intentionally hounded her and then gang-raped and murdered her," he wrote in the complaint.

The victim's brother-in-law also lodged a complaint. "After I was released, the goons took me and my wife to the scene of crime and threatened to kill us if we opened our mouth. They forced us to write down on blank sheets that my sister-in-law had committed suicide and that the Trinamool wasn't involved in any way. However, I state that she was tortured, gang-raped and then murdered by Trinamool workers," he wrote in his complaint.

The local CPM blocked the Digha-Mecheda Road for 30 minutes from 11.30am. The blockade was lifted after the police assured them of an impartial investigation. "This area has been politically volatile for the last few years. The police take no steps to curb the violence," said Chakradhar Maikap, former minister and CPM MLA from North Contai.

Trinamool MP Sisir Adhikary, however, denied the allegations. "People are blaming Debashis Bhunia but he was injured in the leg after the CPM shot at him recently. After spending several weeks in hospital, he now moves around with crutches. He can't be involved in all this. This is a case of suicide that is being given a political colour," he said.

When Bhunia was contacted, he claimed that the woman's husband had shot at him. "For months, he and his armed cronies terrorized this area. They were the ones who shot at me. Today, I can't even walk without assistance. How could I be involved in all this? I just went to her house after coming to know that she had committed suicide." he said.

Sukesh Jain, SP, East Midnapore, denied the allegations against the cops. "They are baseless allegations. We have received two complaints and are investigating the matter. The body has been sent for autopsy."

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