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Women beat marshals to stand guard against crime Women beat marshals to stand guard against crime

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PUNE: Roadside romeos, chain snatchers and criminals who target women at public places and outside educational institutes will now meet their match. The city police have formed a 'women beat marshals' squad to patrol areas near colleges and schools and tackle crime against women.

Police commissioner K K Pathak, on Tuesday, flagged off the new squad that comprises 18 teams, each containing two police constables, who will move around the city on mopeds provided by the police department. One of the two constables will be armed.

The squad was provided with 18 scooters and helmets on the occasion. "These women will carry out patrolling in the four zones of the city," said Arvind Chawria, deputy commissioner of police (headquarters-II).

Chawria said the women beat marshals will focus on areas near schools, colleges and tuition classes. "They will also keep a watch on malls and markets where women gather in large numbers," he said.

The squad members were selected from police stations across the city. "We have planned to train these women beat marshals so that they could work efficiently. Their training will start in the next two days. One of the two beat marshals will be provided with a weapon. They will keep an eye on eve-teasers and take stringent action against," Chawria said.

Besides patrolling the roads, the marshals will also attend women's distress calls made to the police control room.

Chawria said that currently the city police commissionerate has planned to deploy about four women beat marshals in each zone of the city. "We will increase the strength of the beat marshal squad as per the requirement," Chawria added.

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