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Anupam Kher Appointed As FTII Chairman; Gajendra Chauhan, Prasoon Joshi Wish Him Luck Anupam Kher Appointed As FTII Chairman; Gajendra Chauhan, Prasoon Joshi Wish Him Luck

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Actor Anupam Kher, who has been appointed as the new chairman of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), succeeds former television actor Gajendra Chauhan. Chauhan, whose two-year stint was marked by a 139-day strike by students, congratulated Kher for the appointment and stated that his tenure was completed and that he wasn't sacked. "I congratulate Mr. Kher for this and I think whatever work was left during my tenure, he'll complete that," he said. src='' width='560' height='378' scrolling='no' frameborder='0'>> Saying that he didn't feel a sense a disappointment, he clarified, "I must clear this that I haven't been replaced as I completed my tenure on 3 March, 2017. Mr. Kher has been appointed and my good wishes for him and all the best to him. I congratulate him for this," he added. Chauhan further urged that all those who were critical of him", including Kher, should now refer to the CAG report. "I know because he hasn't seen my work and that I have proved. Anybody who was critical about my work must see the CAG report now, which has been submitted to the Parliament. The report very clearly says that the best work has been done under the chairmanship of Gajendra Chauhan during his tenure." On being asked about the students' reaction towards his appointment last year, he said, "There are two things -- real and reel life. What you need at FTII is a good administrator and for that, see that CAG report, which is like a certification of my work." He also added that all those protests and demonstrations weren't carried off by students alone and there was clear involvement of political parties and agendas as well. CBFC Chief Parsoon Joshi also congratulated Kher on the appointment. "Congratulations to Mr Kher with his keen artistic eye and experience one can only see greater heights ahead.", Joshi told News18.

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