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High-Profile Drug Dealer Photographed With Bollywood Stars Arrested In Mumbai High-Profile Drug Dealer Photographed With Bollywood Stars Arrested In Mumbai

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Mumbai:  The arrest of Bakul Chandaria, a high-profile drug supplier, is believed to be a big catch for the Anti-Narcotics Cell of Mumbai, according to the police. Chandaria is an event organiser who is allegedly known for his star-studded rave parties and A-list clients. He also runs a video library that police say could be a cover for the 45-year-old's drug racket.

Police identify Chandaria as the supplier of expensive drugs to parties held in Mumbai, especially in the suburbs. His Facebook gallery is a collection of his photographs with big Bollywood celebrities. His profile is currently being studied by the police.

"We worked on the supply inputs of high profile parties and the celebrity related parties. Based on that we had developed sources and with the help of those inputs we have arrested one person who used to supply to the high profile parties," Deputy Commissioner of Police in the Anti-Narcotics Cell, Shivdeep Lande said, confirming the arrest.

The arrest is, however, not Chandaria's first brush with the law. In 2012, he was caught consuming drugs along with celebrities and cricketers at a terrace party in Mumbai, police said. Some 100 people were detained at the time with over 85 of them, including two cricketers and an actor couple, testing positive for drugs. Most of the celebrities have now been discharged.

This week, police recovered 106 gm of cocaine and 90 LSD dots from Chandaria's residence. The drug seizure that was valued at Rs 14 lakh was allegedly hidden as part of a delivery that was to be made soon.

"On an average the cost of these drugs are Rs 10,000 per gram. It depends on how much a person can afford and it means that definitely only the high profile people can afford it as its too expensive," Mr. Lande said.

Bakul Chandaria also has a YouTube channel which consists of trance music videos uploaded by the suspect. Police say the videos could contain coded messages about drugs. 

Bakul Chandaria is being investigated by the police for the possibility of being part of a bigger network. They are also investigating his supply chain and customers. Chandaria will be in police custody till Saturday.  

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