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I'm Very Passionate About Fitness: Suniel Shetty I'm Very Passionate About Fitness: Suniel Shetty

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At 55, actor Suniel Shetty has redefined health and fitness for Indian men. He says it's a great feeling and says he is passionate about it.

"I am someone who is very passionate about fitness and I very strongly believe that within us there is this champion who is willing to come out. It is only that inhibition that stops us. Age is just a number," Suniel told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

The actor is more than happy about the fact that the younger generation is getting increasingly focused on fitness.

"I am glad that the younger lot today are into training. Suddenly, I see a new generation of children coming up to me and saying 'Sir, respect. We are going to start training because of you'. If one can inspire an 18-year-old, nothing like it. So, I am very happy," he added.

Suniel, who is the father of actress Athiya Shetty, has inaugurated a gym in collaboration with celebrity crossfit expert Shivoham.

Talking about the newly launched gym, Suniel said: "It's called Shivfit and I think it is one of the finest outlets. I feel it's a different gym because it's about functional training and it involves day-to-day activities. It is very intense but at the same time a very electrifying atmosphere."

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