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Smog Affects Domestic, International Flights In Pak's Punjab Province Smog Affects Domestic, International Flights In Pak's Punjab Province

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Lahore:  Nearly 60 domestic and international flights are being affected daily for the last one week in Pakistan's Punjab province due to smog and heavy fog which affected the visibility level that touched zero, officials said today.

Social media users yesterday termed Lahore the dirtiest in the world.

The Punjab Environment Protection Department (EPD) has also confirmed the presence of alarmingly high level of smog-causing pollutants in the air in Lahore, the second-most populous city in Pakistan after Karachi.

"At least 60 international and domestic flights have been affected in Lahore and some other cities of Punjab since the last week. Despite rescheduling of the flights the dense smog or fog is hampering the flight operation of both Pakistan International Airlines and foreign airlines," PIA Lahore spokesman Athar Awan told PTI today.

He said the foreign airlines have rescheduled their operation in the morning but still the flights are delayed or cancelled because of smog in the morning as well.

Hundreds of cases of burning of eyes and throat irritation are being reported at hospitals in the city daily.

Smog is creating additional problems for children, the elderly and those suffering from pulmonary diseases.

According to the EPD's readings, the average particulate matter 2.5 in Lahore was 330 milligram per meter cubic as against the yearly average of 35.

The level of particulate matter -10 was 370 as against the tolerable 150. Similarly, the oxygen nitrogen (vehicular pollution) was 120 as against the desired 40. 

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