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Sri Lanka Suspects 2 Indian's Involvement In Bank Fraud Sri Lanka Suspects 2 Indian's Involvement In Bank Fraud

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Colombo:  Sri Lankan authorities are suspecting the involvement of two Indian nationals in a case related to the hacking of a Taiwanese commercial bank and transfer of $1.1 million to a personal account in this country, police said.

At least two Sri Lankans, one of them a high ranking official of the government-owned liquid gas firm, were arrested on Monday for hacking at Far Eastern International Bank.

Two Taiwanese investigators and an official from the Far Eastern International Bank of Taiwan have arrived in Sri Lanka to investigate the case.

According to reports, $ 60 million were swiped when a criminal gang hacked into the bank's systems. The police told the court that five million rupees withdrawn from the prime suspect's personal bank account had been given to two Indian nationals at a Colombo hotel. 

The two Indians had also visited the prime suspect in his office later to receive more money.

The two Indians have fled the Colombo hotel immediately after the arrest of the two suspects, the police said.

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