Apple’s iPhone 13 is here and so is the meme-fest, replete with new kidney jokes

Apple has finally introduced a new iPhone lineup that includes the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. This time around, the new models are a lot like their predecessors in terms of design; so much so that most will struggle to differentiate between the two. The clearest difference between them is the new models have a small notch. As always, Twitter has responded hilariously to this with memes, triggering a full-blown Twitterati meme-fest.

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Here are a few memes from Twitter that you won’t want to miss:

— Flossy Carter (@Flossycarter) September 14, 2021

Apple really be playing find the difference with us every #AppleEvent:

— NASR ESPORTS (@NasrEsports) September 15, 2021

Me trying to spot the difference between iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro #AppleEvent

— Nabeel Khan🇵🇰 (@lemebeel) September 15, 2021

Android users looking at iPhone 12 & iPhone 13:#AppleEvent

— Shubham Suratkar (@Shubhameme) September 15, 2021

iPhone 12 looking at iphone 13#AppleEvent

— गांधी भाई (@abodhbaalak) September 15, 2021

Many Apple fans were disappointed that even after so many rumours, Apple did not launch the AirPods 3. These netizens clearly could not hold back:

Me when Apple finally releases Airpods 3#AppleEvent — Хемуль (@RadioactiveMeat) September 14, 2021


No AirPods, minimal changes, and a ugly blue color for 13 Pro — ً (@katymybb) September 14, 2021


where AirPods? #AppleEvent2021 — alecrodney (@gogogadgetroy) September 14, 2021


Wait, no new Airpods announcements #AppleEvent — Zouk Kompa 🇿🇲 (@SpeQx) September 14, 2021

A few viewers also pointed out that Apple might have played a “Dum Maaro Dum” tune during the event and Twitter is just losing it:

Dum maro dum music on the new iphone 13 #AppleEvent — Sahil Purswani (@54hIL) September 14, 2021


Did #Apple just used Dum maro Dum song in #AppleEvent to launch #iphone13series ? — Shubham Mishra (@helloiamshubham) September 14, 2021


Dum maro dum music on launch of the new iphone 13 #AppleEvent — Sumish (@dsumish) September 14, 2021

And of course, we have kidney jokes as always!

Me going to sell my best friend’s kidney to secure an iPhone 13 pro max — Saucy CEO (@JulianSsonko) September 15, 2021


Apple Launching iPhone 13 Series today. Kidney –#iphone13series #iphone13 — India Trending (@IndiaTrendingin) September 14, 2021


Oh good. It looks like the IPhone 13 Pro isn’t that much different than the IPhone 12 Pro Max, My kidney is safe this year. — Alejandro Rodriguez (@AlejandroNoBaka) September 14, 2021


I’m going to buy iPhone 13. Me to my kidneys – #Apple #AppleEvent #iPhone13 #iPhone — Nazish Khan (@nazishkhan02) September 14, 2021


Me looking at iPhone 13 series on my iPhone 7. No, I will not be selling my kidney. — Zaw Lahpai (@zaw_lahpai) September 15, 2021

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