ICAI CA courses: Registration fee to be waived for students who lost parent during COVID pandemic

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has decided to waive the registration fee for CA courses for students who have lost a parent during the coronavirus pandemic.

As per the official notification, the competent authority decided to exempt the registration fee for CA courses at all levels for all students who lost any of their parents during the COVID-19 pandemic from the period of 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2023, after submission of requisite documents at the time of course registration.

This includes the courses “ICITSS [consisting of Information Technology (IT) and Orientation Course (OC)] and AICITSS [consisting Advanced Information Technology (Advanced IT) and Management and Communication Skills (MCS) Course]”, as per the official notice.

For the exemption of registration fee, candidates have to fill the registration form found on the SSP portal at www.icai.org for their courses. They have to submit the documents stated in the prospectus for registering in a particular course as well as a death certificate and proof of identity of their parent. The documents should be attested by any of the following authorities:

DCOs Heads/Regional Heads/officer-in-charge of the branchPrincipal under whom the candidate is registered for articleshipCentral Council Member / Managing Committee Member/Regional Council Member of the branch

The process is valid for applicants registering for the ICITSS and AICITSS courses as well. Candidates have to separately get the death certificate and proof of identity of their parent attested by the designated authorities mentioned in the official notice.

No registration fee would be paid by such candidates when they are completing the provisional registration in the course they are applying for. However, if it is found that the student was not eligible for fee exemption during the scrutiny of the applications, the forms submitted by the applicant will be rejected.

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