Trainer S.M.Johnson’s White River (Sarvan Kumar-up) may lift the Dr Ishwari G.K.Balakrishnan Memorial Trophy at the Mysore races on Wednesday.SELECTIONS
1.30pm: Saint Lucia 1.Key To Time 2.Come Alive 3.

2pm: Virginia Queen 1Astara 2.Cappadocia 3.2.30pm: Heroism 1.Ochre 2.Shivalik Admiral 3.

3pm: Swiss Tigress 1Spiritual Force 2.Frosted 3.3.30pm: D Thirteen Twelve 1.Guiding Force 2.Ashwa Vikrant 3.

4pm: White River 1What Is This 2.Trust Bond 3.4.30pm: Ashwa Brooni 1.D Darling 2.Crimson Fire 3.

5pm: D Gold 1Square The Circle 2.His Eminence 3.Day’s Best: D Gold.Double: Heroism & D Thirteen Twelve.
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1.50pm: Essential 1.N R I Superpower 2.

Meridia 32.25pm: In Contention 1.Moringa 2.Georgia Peach 3.3pm: Castlerock 1.Multimoment 2.

Royal Grace 33.35pm: Lightning Fairy 1.I Am Superman 2.Team Player 3.4.10pm: Miracle 1.Ruling Goddess 2.

Limoncello 34.45pm: Ice Berry 1.Wild Card 2.Queen Blossom 3.Day’s Best: Miracle.Double: In Contention & Lightning Fairy.

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